Andy, Joey, Avon & Nina
in 2008


                                                                     Joey was born on 26th February

Andy  was born on 26th July                                                                     

Nina was born on 13th October                                                                

                                                               Avon was born on 23rd December

Family photo - July 2006



Favourite music: Céline Dion, Elton John, Visayan music, Tagalog music.
Favourite films: The Spy Who Loved Me
Favourite actor: Roger Moore
Favourite actress: Kate Winslet
Occupations: DVD films, singing karaoke, being a parent


Favourite music: Véronique Sanson, Queen
Favourite films: Titanic (1997), Tomorrow Never Dies
Favourite actor: Pierce Brosnan
Favourite actress: Patricia Velazquez
Occupations:  Telecommunications Engineer (Arqiva France), swimming


Music interests:   Véronique Sanson
Travel Interests : Philippines
More things will be added soon !


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